HIIT Hard Boxing

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The Paragon of Boxing Fitness and HIIT Training.

About The Company

SNS Holdings LLC was the original Corporate Wellness business we started in 2017. We hosted small and large group classes in corporate office buildings around the DMV. Then Covid his and the world shut down. We lost all of our accounts. We thought the dream was over. 

With all this new found free time, we noticed people becoming depressed, stressed out and lethargic. So we started  inviting friends to our home, trying to empower our circle and hold each other accountable to our fitness goals, during the Pandemic. The goal was to help each other build not only physical toughness but also mental toughness. 

And it worked! It worked so well, we wanted to share the same experience with others in our community, and thus HIIT HARD BOXING was born. 

HIIT Hard Boxing is a fitness adventure that brims with excitement. We have developed a community that loves sharing great moments and personal achievements with their friends, co-workers and family. Click below to learn more about our trainers!

The Programs

Youth Development Programs

The Boxing Dojo offers the first ever 10 stage headband / hand wrap color progression system, similar to the belt color progression system in traditional martial arts. There will be competency tests every 6 weeks, to move to the next level.

Small Group Training

On Sunday We Box

Personal Training

Group Classes

Partner Training

Corporate Wellness

"Originally, I joined OSWB to encourage me to get a workout in on the weekend. I had no idea, I'd be stepping into a community/family. Not only has boxing become my favorite way to workout but being pushed by some of the best trainer in the DMV and being surrounded by people who give it their all, every class, pushes me to be better. There is no workout that burns as many calories, all while having a blast each and every class."
Cali Rae
Owner of Art by Cali Rae
"OSWB is a fantastic class! All the Coaches are super nice and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I really like how they give me tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout. I’ve been going to the class since day one. I could instantly see a big change in my energy levels and body, not to mention I now know how to protect myself."
Joy Shamburge
CEO of The Boone Group