The CDC reports that, physical activity is central to health, and its importance clearly extends beyond its role in achieving energy balance to prevent and treat obesity and overweight.

Adequate daily physical activity improves cardiovascular health, metabolic health, brain and mental health, and musculoskeletal health; benefits that recent research shows are gained across the life span.

Important emerging research has further focused on the association between physical activity in youth and academic achievement.

Clinical and public health guidelines indicate that youth need a minimum of 60 minutes per day of vigorous- or moderate-intensity physical activity to optimize health and development. Because many youth spend a substantial amount of time in school, this report focuses specifically on the role schools can play in increasing physical activity among youth and providing opportunities to meet these guidelines.

This role falls squarely within schools’ long-standing tradition of providing access to health-related services such as health screenings, nutrition programs, and immunizations.
The assumption that school-based physical education can provide enough physical activity for children and adolescents has recently been challenged on a variety of fronts.

First, the 60 minutes per day of physical activity that is health enhancing is nearly impossible to achieve through physical education, even with the highest-quality physical education curriculum.

Second, quality physical education must include time for teaching activities and lessons that may not be physically active.

Third, political and economic pressures on education systems to improve standardized test scores have had the unintended consequence of reducing or eliminating physical education curricula and thus students’ opportunities for physical activity.

This is why HIIT HARD BOXING has developed THE BOXING DOJO.

Our students won’t just be learning how to box, our focus is to help develop them both physically and mentally. The same way martial arts helped developed us.

Our students will learn ….

Time Management
Team Work
Public Speaking

The benefits of boxing fitness, can be transformative to a child’s mental health. Plus, hose benefits are also transferable to other aspects of school, sports and personal development.

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