HIIT HARD BOXING presents, THE BOXING DOJO: Summer Camps and After School Programs

The Boxing Dojo offers the first ever 10 stage headband / hand wrap color progression system, similar to the belt color progression system in traditional martial arts.

We host competency tests every 6 weeks

Our students must be able to:
*recite 5 of the newly learned punch combos,
*recite the rules of the Dojo
*know the definition of 5 boxing terms and *demonstrate 5 different punch combinations including footwork and defense before moving on to the next level.

It’s not about teaching all the punches quickly. It’s about teaching all the punches properly.


Summer Camp Registration, now open!!!
Half Day Camps Ans Full Day Camps available

Week 1: June 13-17
Week 2: June 20-24
Week 3: June 27 – July 1
Week 4: July 5-8
Week 5: July 11-15

Space is limited, reserved your spot today!

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